Sends an auto-accepted Access Merit to a recipient and returns the Access Merit. This endpoint can only be used to send an AccessMerit to a user who has accepted another AccessMerit from your App, and the requestedPermissions can only be less than or equal to the ones they've already accepted. Either recipientEmail or recipientMemberId must be provided, but not both.

200 OK Response Schema

Key NameValue TypeDescription
idIDThe Merit ID
sendDateTimedateThe DateTime the Merit was sent to the recipient
activebooleanReturns the active or inactive state of a merit
statusMeritStatusReturns the status os a merit (e.g. sent, pending, accepted, etc)
meritTemplateIdIDThe ID of the MeritTemplate for this Merit
meritTemplateTitlestringThe Title of the MeritTemplate for this Merit
emailstringThe email this Merit was sent to.
nameNameThe first and last name this Merit was sent to.
fieldValuesArray<FieldValue>An object containing the field values within the merit
permissionsGrantedToSenderArray<Permission>An object containing the permissions (merits) that is being requested
recipientMembernullThe recipientMember property on a Merit will always be null at the moment it's sent since the user cannot possibly have already accepted it.
editablebooleanReturns true of the merit is editable.