Sends a Merit to a recipient and returns the Merit.

Either recipientEmail or recipientMemberId must be provided, but not both. Note, the documentation has recipientEmail marked as required, as this is by far the primary method used to send merits. If your integration will leverage the recipientMemberId instead, recipientEmail can be ignored.

200 OK Response Schema

Key NameValue TypeDescription
idIDThe Merit ID
sendDateTimedateThe DateTime the Merit was sent to the recipient
activebooleanThe active/inactive status of the merit
statusMeritStatusThe status of the merit, e.g. forfeited, pending, accepted, etc
meritTemplateIdIDThe ID of the MeritTemplate for this Merit
meritTemplateTitlestringThe Title of the MeritTemplate for this Merit
emailstringThe email this Merit was sent to.

Read more about Merit email vs Member email and privacy
nameNameThe first and last name this Merit was sent to.

Read more about Merit name vs Member name and privacy
fieldValuesArray<FieldValue>Read more about Fields and FieldValues
recipientMembernullThe recipientMember property on a Merit will always be null at the moment it's sent since the user cannot possibly have already accepted it.
editablebooleanWhether the merit fields can be edited